The smartest way to control
your application naturally


The smartest way to control
your application naturally


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3D Mouse - Sphere

We deliver "The smartest way to control your application" and perfect the human-device communication with our product, the 3D Mouse. For the first time, the user is able to control their software application on the PC with only one input device. The intuitive use and smart features enable more efficient work and thus cost savings. On top, the high level of ergonomics contributes to the user's health.

On the one hand, our 3D Mouse reduces the necessary HIDs that the customer needs for their tasks, and on the other hand, they are no longer dependent on the surface and position. The user gets more degrees of freedom to execute the customer's job. An emotional added value is the chic design of our 3D Mouse, which clearly stands out from previous HIDs, according to the motto "simple is more".

The 3D Mouse is a spherical device, which has sensors inside that make it possible to determine the position even without a base or external transmitters/sensors. The surface of the device is completely touch-sensitive and thus enables further control options. Through these many degrees of freedom, it is possible to flexibly adapt the input mechanisms to the respective applications. Due to the design and the new input possibilities, our 3D Mouse stands out from the usual devices on the market.

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Startup Accelerator: We were able to qualify and participate in the Accelerator Program at BadenCampus among many other startups.
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By participating in the Pfiffikus competition at the University of Freiburg, we qualified for third place against other StartUps.
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At the participation in the Spark Accelarator of the Founders Club Freiburg we could win the Scalability Award at the Demoday which was sponsored by the Black Forest Business Angels!

Who we are

By transforming the human machine interaction, Cynus pushes the boundaries of how humans collaborate with devices and drives performance to new levels.

The founders


Daniel completes the skillset of our founding team and brings in the economic perspective, essential to validate which product pass we should follow and how we can build a sustainable business. Daniel holds a bachelor's degree in industrial engineering and a master's degree in international business, specialized in entrepreneurship and SME management.


with his many years of experience in the field of hardware development and the leadership of a team of 10 people is responsible for the implementation of the hardware and the company's goals.


Konstantin is currently finalizing his PhD in Micro System Technologies. Still in the early stages of his career Konstantin's interest in Software Development has led him to develop outstanding software solutions on several occasions. In combination with his understanding of hardware Konstantin helps us bring our products to life.


Is responsible for the implementation of the applications on the computer side with his mathematical studies and his many years of experience in programming.

three founders Delon Konstantin Daniel
Sign for High Ergonomics
High Ergonomics
Startup Accelerator:
The 3D Mouse Sphere One is a round surface and location independent device. These properties paired with the comprehensive touch interface, through which the device adapts to the user, enables new degrees of freedom in control and thus ergonomic use.
Sign for increased Productivity
Increased Productivity
With gesture control and both smart and intuitive input, The 3D Mouse Sphere One increases the user's efficiency in the workflow.
Sign to use on all devices
One-For-All Computers
The 3D Mouse Sphere One is a Human Interface Device (HID), which forms the interface for human-PC interaction. With this standard, Sphere One can be used universally as a PC mouse with many new smart functions as an input device. Our intention is to replace other input devices in the future as well (e.g. joystick, keyboard, VR controller).
Sign for More Flexibility
More Flexibility
The 3D Mouse Sphere One enables three-axis navigation in "space" and is therefore ideal for 3D applications. This control can be used for 2D applications without loss of quality. Sphere One automatically recognizes when which scope of control is required.